Mini Tools

Collection of handy utilities such as calculators, generators or converters for everyday tasks.


Generate Random Numbers

Create Random Numbers. Experience the thrill of unpredictability with our Random Number Generator. Craft single or multiple random numbers within your range, use robust algorithms, and sort as you like. Try it now!

Sort list of values

Effortless List Sorting. Organize data your way with our List Sorter tool. Sort alphanumerically, numerically, or by length. Customize delimiters, remove duplicates, and choose your sorting order for cleaner, more efficient lists.


Percentage Calculator

Online Percentage Calculator Efficiently perform percentage calculations online. Simplify addition, subtraction, percentage change, and more with our accurate Percentage Calculator. Streamline your tasks with precision.

Age Calculator

Accurate Age and Birth Year Calculations. Our online Age Calculator simplifies age calculations. Determine ages based on birthdates or find the year of birth based on age and birth date. Perform accurate calculations effortlessly.

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